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Thanks for joining us for the Countdown To Silver Line… It's time to ride!

August 4, 2014 2:04pm

Thank you for helping to make the opening of the Silver Line a success. Nearly 220,000 trips were taken to and from the five new Silver Line stations during the first week of service, from noon Saturday, July 26 through noon Sunday, August 3.

The “Silver Bulletin” was designed to help make the opening of the Silver Line as smooth as possible for residents of Northern Virginia and the region as a whole. Over the past several months, we’ve covered topics including how the SmartBenefits program can help employers along the Silver Line attract new workers, facts about Silver Line service changes, and bus service designed to connect your Silver Line rail travel. This and other Silver Line information will continue to be available at silverlinemetro.com.

Today’s edition will be the final Silver Bulletin, so we’ll leave you with a couple of useful web tools to help you navigate the Silver Line and the Metrorail system as a whole:

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